L'Aube des siècles
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"L'Aube Des siècles" is Daniel Gardiole very first public album. Daniel is a young , curious and stout pianist. He has personally design a program in honour of Paul Loyonnet, virtuoso pianist born in 1889. Daniel did so by getting his inspiration from musical works whose creations are attributed to Loyonnet:

* The Six View of Fouzy Yama de BernardVan Den Sigtenhorst-Meyer were played in Ėrard Hall on the 29th of November 1923 for the victims of the earthquake the same year in Japan. 

* Aube Sonate d'été from Lucien Durosoir (2), virtuoso violinist with whom Paul did a duet. L'Aube Sonate d'été was composed mirroring the poem Aube de Rimbaud and was interpreted in private circles (VIP) by Paul Loyonnet and Jean Doyen. 

* Finally Les Histoires De Jacques Ibert were first brought to the public the 12th of October 1923 in Érard Hall, then were regularly included in Paul Loyonnet's concerts. 

Le tournoiement des songes

I was the pianist in the orchestra of Schifrin and Chaynes